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For anyone interested in going to Jamaica to surf or just kick back on an amazing beach, or both, here is a web site that will give you all the information you need to set up your trip. At this site you will find all the information you need from where to stay to places to eat and places to visit. There are some great uncrowded surf spots like Runaways, Lighthouse, and Iron pot to name a few. The web site is check it out. For information on Jamaican surfing you can visit To make it easy you can go to My Favorite sites on the right side of this page and just click the link. Have fun.

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    Thanks for the nice review! Anyone who wants to enjoy the REAL Jamaica, its beauty, charming people and culture, can definitely visit us at for tips and suggestions before they go. Just an FYI, JamSurfas is the brainchild of Billy “Mystic” Wilmot, the frontman of the Mystic Revealers, a major force in reggae back in the day. They still have “Jamnesia sessions” every few weeks in Bull Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica.

    Jamaica is blessed with an 8 month surfing year, with the calm spells broken up into short 1 and 2 week spells scattered through out the year with most in spring and fall. In those eight months of surf you can ride beach breaks, points, rivermouths, reefs, six, eight, ten feet. With pitching, sucking barrells.

    If you want to try surfing on “the Rock”, also visit They rent boards and provide accommodations, food and fun!


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