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Southern California Surfing at its Finest

Great Santa Cruz Winery!!!!

For all you wine loving surfers out there I have a winery from Santa Cruz that I KNOW you are going to fall in love with! The winery, MJA Vineyards, is owned by Marin Artukovich. Marin has been surfing his whole life, he also has been playing professional beach volleyball most of his adult life. Marin grew up around the Orange County beaches. Was a contractor in San Diego,retired from that and moved to Hawaii to start and build a very successful Coffee business. After many years growing and selling coffee he decided to move back to California and grow wine. Yes I said grow wine because that is what wine grape growers really do with the help of the wine maker. Below I have posted the web site, Please stop by and try out his fantastic wines, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee! Tell him you heard about him from Anthony at! The website is: You will have to copy and paste until I learn how to make this a clickable link or go to MY FAVORITES on the right side of the website and just click on the link there. Also He still sell’s his great coffee so check that out also.

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